About Pciconsort

Pciconsort is a unique software solution for schools from the stable of See-j Technologies. It's aim is to use the tool of information and communications technology to build a bridge between all stakeholders in the education of a child.

However, Pciconsort is more than a software, it is an innovative platform which is aimed at revolutionizing the education sector.

It is a win-win situation as everybody has something to gain.

Parents have easy and quick access to academic details of their wards. They also have easy access to their ward's teachers through the application.

Students have a quiz section where they can take numerous quizes thereby improving their proficiency.

Schools have an easy option for automating all their records, managing the students seamlessly, and relating better with parents.

The life of teachers is made easier with faster and efficient result compilation.

Above all, pciconsort is still evolving and speedily enhancing its feature list. It is t affordable and we believe that no institution can just afford to miss out of this innovative revolution.